The Benefits of Our Administrative Structure

Our administrative structure works hand-in-hand with our local, professional and reputable partners. We act as a facilitator for your business and business needs. Typically, whether you need a new smartphone overnight, a company car, your business expenses prepared, a business credit card, an opinion as how to handle a specific issue in your day-to-day business life or even assistance to find an accommodation in Luxembourg, we can direct you to the right company or, upon your instructions, handle the tedious and time-consuming tasks. You are never left alone and our structure provides you with a valuable reassuring effect and practical solutions.

As we are ourselves a community of freelancers and contractors, the majority of our consultants came to us because we both share the same challenges and constraints in terms of time management, routine paperwork preparation, administrative handling and local know-how. Through our network, your legal obligations are taken care of and your statutory returns prepared, validated and filed on time with the state administrations.

The Benefits of Our Technical Platform

In general terms, innovators and techy geeks, whether developing or already having a prototype software at hand for instance, find great interest in having some counterparts to discuss specific technology challenges, mutualise investment cost, design platform architecture and operating procedures, anticipate future characteristics and constraints, organize copyright and intellectual property administration and so on. Our technical platform, constantly being upgraded, redesigned or renewed altogether, is a no mans land if you are not an enthusiastic R&D technician.

During the initial years after the company formation, Tech Advantage qualified to join a partnership with the Henri Tudor Public Research Center in Luxembourg-Kirchberg and was hosted in their technology-oriented business incubator at the Technoport-Schlassgoart in Esch-sur-Alzette (south of Luxembourg state). As any other applicant, Tech Advantage produced a detailed business plan which was presented to a committee of large business institutions at the University Institute of Technology in Luxembourg-Kirchberg. Since, we have endeavoured to maintain and develop good practices and standards in an ever-changing legal and technical environment.
Due to this experience, we will be happy to help you preparing your own business plan and other required documents for your project.

And today ?

Currently a new technical platform is being designed and built (mini datacentre) consisting of several servers networked together and working in parallel to process large number of transactions for testing purposes.

The technical platform will have :

  • Linux operating systems

  • Servers mounted on racks

  • Low latency

  • Mass data storage and backup

For instance, a new software prototype is in development which is :

  • Scalable

  • Fault tolerant

  • High performance

The eventual aim is to deploy the new system into a cloud and offer software as a service (SaaS).

Further projects and ICT partnerships are presently being considered.

Technology partners we like to deal with :

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