As we are not agents as such, although we can act alike, our billing system is not based on fees, cuts, charges and other commissions but on a fair and equitable sharing of the actual structure and service costs built on transparency and accurate reporting. In most cases, the pay-as-you-use rule applies and a full recap of income and outgoings is provided monthly, at year end or on request.

Legitimately, some consultants prefer to know in advance how much their expenditures will be; in those cases, for a straight IT contract, a 5.00 % cost is normally expected.

In most cases, the expenditure incurred by a consultant to become part of Tech Advantage is essentially compensated by the amounts saved through a proper management of their business income and outgoings. In other instances, substantial savings are even realised, thus shifting the anticipated service costs into satisfying returns whilst the burden of tedious paperwork and legal administrative tasks is taken care of, professionally.

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