A significant element to understand our original approach is that the company was founded by IT contractors for IT contractors, predominantly for the finance and bank industry.

To be able to focus and concentrate on our know-how, skill strengthening and contracts, we have established through the past fifteen years a strong network of relationships with key institutions and reputable local experts, all having authority in their field of expertise; this to help us to constantly validate our general approach, contracts and day-to-day decisions.

Typically Tech Advantage can rely on proven connections with:

  • Accountancy firm

    Employment contracts, payroll & salaries, tax & VAT returns, private tax returns, Social Security and Pensions benefits (state and private), fiscal, audit and advisory services, relationship with state administrations, certificates from government bodies, business authorisations and attestations, company status, local practices & expertise.

  • Local state bank and private bank

    Business accounts, private accounts, business credit cards, private loans and mortgages, local investments, Internet banking conventions, corporate and personal advisory services from bank manager, bank guarantee for your rented accommodation, local practices & expertise.

  • Insurance broker

    Public liability insurance, business liability insurance, private insurances for home, vehicles and traveling, systematic review of current situation at regular intervals, corporate and personal advisory services, local practices & expertise.

  • Lawyers and solicitors firm

    Contract validations, adequacy between contract requirements, company setup and structure & insurance coverage, common business practices, assistance and handling of specific corporate or personal situations or concerns, corporate and personal advisory service, local contacts, practices & expertise.

  • Local Internet Service Provider and Telecom company

    Connections via optic fiber for business and home, smartphones, assistance, corporate and personal advisory service.

  • Local computer resellers and network & cabling companies

    Purchase of equipment, network design and installation, professional planning and cabling, latest industry standards, network security and integrity, local contacts & know-how, corporate prices.

  • Local car dealers

    To arrange the purchase or the lease of your company car if you need one, car servicing and maintenance, repairs, summer/winter tyres.

  • Local leading estate agents

    For your temporary accommodation or long-term real-estate investments, information on local housing practices and prices.

As all of these professionals are located in Luxembourg-City, our consultants benefit from first-hand information directly from local and reputable experts and therefore have their own opportunity to develop further contacts and relationships whilst their statutory paperwork is prepared, validated and filed for them; this contributes to higher personalised services and unequaled performance.

Tech Advantage srl holds current :
  - Employer's liability insurance,
  - Professional & indemnity insurance,
  - Public liability insurance
contracted with major local and international insurance companies.

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